List of tags issue

Bootcamp module:

Hello, I am making the Milestone 2 of the Professional Track, and I am confronting some issues:
Some how I am unable to list the tags.

I am suppose to get ‘Choices Source’ - “All tags”
However that option is not there.
Can someone explain me why ? And perhaps the solution for this ?
See screenshot;

If your tags are an option set, you should use “get an option”. If your tags are a data type, you should “do a search”. Hope this helps!

I don’t understand what you wrote.

I see…let’s make it easier. Please, send me a DM (Discord), and share your editor url with me (make sure that on the settings tab - “general”, you set the dropdown on the right to “everione can view”

what is your 4 digit tag on discord ?

Hey @michaelvrutaal , “Diego Peter”, I’m the Bootcamp admin

This is what I get when I try to add you.

Ok, send me the editor to my email then:

Anyone can help me with this issue ?

Hello @michaelvrutaal

What is a “tag” in your app? (options set or data type?)

It is data type.

Can you send me a link with both options?
I wanna learn how to use them both.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

Please find them below