Location data not pulling on app

It appears that location data is no longer showing for my app even though there are listings for particular cities. Just noticed this happening today. Double checked my general services API keys and nothing is changed. Also checked Google cloud console. Not sure what/where else to check in the template. This started happening once I upgraded to version 17 of Bubble.

Let me know if anyone’s encountered this + how to resolve.


Hello @lizzyazuya welcome back to the forum!

I see that version 17 of the Bubble upgrade has to do with “Date parsing now consistently uses client timezone rather than UTC serverside”.

This may merit to contact Bubble support.

If you opt to doing so … please do share your findings :smiley:

Thanks, I’ve sent them a note

@cmarchan I don’t think this is a solution but here’s what they’re telling me (in quotes):

"After diving into your app, I was able to determine that the reason that listings are not displaying in the repeating group is due to the following constraints you have set up for the Price field:

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 1.08.52 PM

When inspecting the data source of the repeating group in the debugger, I noticed that it is currently searching for listings where the Price is greater than or equal to 0 and the Price is less than or equal 0:

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 2.35.09 PM

This search constraint will only return listing where their Price is currently set to 0, which would explain the current behavior you are experiencing.

Another issue I noticed was that you are currently referencing the min and max value of the SliderInput element when the current style of the SliderInput element has the slide type set to “Simple”:

Because the current slider type is set to “Simple”, there will be no min or max value unless the slider type is changed to “Range”.

However, I’ve just checked a non-live duplicate version on the app running on version 14 and those settings are the exact same and listing were still showing up. Not sure what else to do here.

Seems that this is logic that needs to be sorted out within the confines of your app.

Yes but I never meddled with the logic in the first place so I’m confused. The location suddenly stopped pulling. It was working and then it wasn’t.

Your base template has that set up like that too so not sure what’s going on.