Logged out no redirection to index


I have a small problem and i don’t know how to solve it, or if it is a bug.
I’ve watch Matt’s videos (role and header) but didn’t find my answer…

Pb :
When i log out and i am in the account page (for exemple), i am logged out but it doesn’t take me to the index page. I stay in the account page with the header where there are the boutons "log in " and “sign up” and an empty form.

I dowloaded a new template to check the differences and i didnt find any.

Check i did :

In the index :

so i should have go to the index page…


There is no redirection on the RE header :

Even when i put a redirection in the header RE (go to index page), it doesn’t take me there.

What i am missing ?

Thanks for the help !


Check in the Bubble Pages Options Set if the page is set to private. In fact … go through all of your pages and make sure you set all of the as needed. :smiley:


Yes i did that at the begining thank you. Editor is in account and in all the private.

But that is not the issus.
When i log out, it doesn’t redirect me to the index page.

I did many checks (see above please). Matt says that everything has to be set in the index but it doest do that…

Thanks for help

Hello @Newbie

Mmmh … have you tried going step by step using the debugger?

Watch for:

  • logic on the header
  • logic on the actual page
  • logic on the index page (if you get redirected there only)
  • logic on the signup/login reusable

If you are on the account page the key is to watch for what could be affecting that page. The index page plays when you get there. This does not seem to be the case.

Try turning on and off the flows and use the debugger step by step.

I found something. When i am logged out,

but i have a role apply (standard). I should not have any as long as i am logged out.


That is from the index page. Yes, all my pages are redirected there only.
The debugge mode from the other pages seems correct.

How can i solve that please ?

Once Bubble recognized you as a specific user the rest is about detecting if the user is logged in or out.

Looks like you pinpointed an aspect of the logic that may help you troubleshoot the problem. :smiley:

I pointed the problem but dont know have to solve it because i havent touch those parameters…

If you have any ideas i would ipreciate. Othewise i will have to go back at a history date… (and lose my work :frowning: )

Page redirection logic depends on several factors which work together to achieve it.

If you have done a lot of other work it may be worth your while to explore where things are going wrong.

Did you make a lot of changes to the aspects involved in page redirection?

I have followed Matt’s video about role and i applied it to have an Editor role. But we didn’t change pages redirections.
I’ve created a new role “var-role”.

The only page redirection was on the admin portal where i have to add a header for Editor and that

which is correct.

All i did in my webapp, i also did it in another app to check be sure. And only my webapp has this pb :frowning:

In my exemple above, it doesnt look like a redirection problem but a role problem because when i am logged out, it still think of me as standard…

This is a great piece of information! :smiley:

Since you have created an additional role … make sure that all of the other aspects of page redirection incorporate this new role.

Conditions come by default in Canvas to handle two roles … App Admin and Standard.

If you add one or more roles you would need to be adjust for this additional role everywhere redirection logic exists. :+1:


Help, it’s a bug.

I restaured my app a week ago (22). At this time i havent done a lot and everything worked perfectly. it was nearly a new app. only some imput in the account page.

But even with this restaure and only admin user as a user (no other role, nearly an empty app), the account page doesn’t redirect me to the index page when i am logged out like it use to. Like the template is built.

So i lost a week of work… for nothing :frowning:
I dont think buying a new template is the good solution.
Can the support take a look please ? a if possible, restore me as today ?

Thanks for the help !

Contact support@airdev.co

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Everything was fixed thank you :slight_smile:

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