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The Login button when clicked redirects to the signup/login reusable element however with the Sign Up element in view. I’d like it to have the Log in element in view, thus the Log in button goes to the Log in view and the Sign up button goes to the Sign up view. How may I achieve this? Thanks!

See Log in link here: Venues

Hello @ibuomi.abibo welcome back to the forum!

On click of the login button make sure to send the url parameter “m” as “login”.

And do the same for the signup button but using “signup”. (“m” as “signup”)

Hi Carlos, where do I set that? The button in question is that of the header.

Editing from the Admin portal we have the following:

If so, how may we do this, via external link?

Also, the login reusable element has the settings I shared with the parameters for signup and login. The set signup and set login custom triggers are set in the reusable signup/login element as found in the previously uploaded images. Kindly clarify where to do so. Thanks.

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

The documentation for this can be found here:

The actions are found here:

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Awesome! So I Send more parameters to the page with key=m and value = login. It works! Thanks again @cmarchan. Excellent work!

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 6.00.44 PM

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