Login redirect me to the admin portail


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I am dealing with the login section on the login page. It doesnt show me the email and when i clic to “continue” it send me to the admin portail, not to the next page (the email page). It looks like it’s due to the trigger on step 2 but not sure… I watch the video but it does’t have this issue, it directly show the email and password (not here).

I diseabled the code/email verification


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Hello @Newbie !

The signup/login reusable element has several element to accomplish the sign-up of a user and the login of a user.

Usually, first name and last name inputs are needed when a user is signing up. So, perhaps changes were made to the visibility logic and during login these signup elements are shown.

One way to troubleshoot would be to examine how things work by default. In order to see this you could go to the releases page and review this element in the editor of the Canvas release version that corresponds to your app’s.


And … just in case let me add the video that walks through the way things work in this reusable element

All of the above suggests how to troubleshoot most of the issues that you are experiencing.

As for the redirection to the admin portal on login this may be happening if you are running the app as an app admin user. There is page / userRole redirection logic going on that is somewhat intricate to explain.

How about dealing with visibility first and once you fix this I can help guide you on redirection logic. :smiley:

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Thank you, very complet response.

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