Login screen has extra area


I notice on the login page per browser screen size (see screenshot). How may I fix it so that it fits or without the black background showing (either as white background or screen size fixed to the right image proportion)? On certain screen sizes, this shows when scrolled. Thanks.

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Perhaps checking the login page settings on your Canvas template version may help.

I got the background fixed, however I’m concerned about any reusable signup/login page/view. Thanks.

Glad to hear. What is the concern?

I’d like to decrease the white space on the login screen and responsive. You can see the white space by scrolling on Log in

In other words, how may I keep the Sign Up/Login box centered vertically on the left as well as the Logo centered vertically on the right? Thanks!

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Responsive settings are always intricate. Key concepts are laid out on this tutorial template created by Airdev.

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Excellent tutorial. I succeeded in partially recreating one of my pages responsively and shall embark on the Sign up/Log in page as well. Thanks!

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