Login/Signup e-mails not working


I’m facing a problem that I can’t figure out to solve that :confused:

I’ve setup the SendGrid account and API but I’m unable to send emails thought the app, I don’t know why.
It seems to be correct:
Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 12.14.36

I’ve configured some email templates too.

There is anything that I can check to find the problem?

Thanks to all!!

There some erros here, but really I can’t understand why it is failing crating the token.

What is the action condition that is failing?


Sorry my delay.

It seems to fail here, do you how I can check what is the problem?


Hello @it1

How about creating a test page and adding one simple button that on click sends an email that hardcode.

Check this first in order to rule out the send email action working or not working first.

Hi @cmarchan

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve tried your suggestions with the simple send email workflow and it works fine!

The other canvas active emails doesn’t work :confused:

Ok, I found the problem…

So, I didn’t understand that I need to change the template id_name to it works, because the original one shows an alert icon (without information).

Now it seems to be working.

Thanks for your time!!

Great to know!

Grinding through problems have taught me this technique … isolate the key steps one by one.

Once you figured out that emailing through Sendgrid worked … it is likely that you focused on analyzing the rest of the logic in that flow … which likely allowed you to locate the problem! :smiley:

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