Login / Signup password issue with keychain

I love playing with Canvas, but I’m facing an issue with browsers recognizing the password login field as signup password field. Instead of filling the password from my saved passwords, the browser suggests a new password on login. The same behavior is on mobile and desktop, both safari and chrome.
I have the same bug not only with my app, but also on canvas.airdev.io login popup.
This is a big deal breaker for me as it will create a friction for users to use my app. Please help :pray:

Hello @makeupland welcome to the forum,

Please note that browser’s behaviors are external to Canvas.

Well, canvas should adhere to the web standards when setting up the forms and its fields with the correct attributes to comply with browser behavior. This issue doesn’t exist with the bubble standard header login popup, it only happens with canvas.

Hello @makeupland

Please consider that Canvas uses Bubble elements. Components are made up of Bubble elements and logic. :smiley:

Again, this issue doesn’t exist with bubble’s default reusable header. Is this forum being monitored by an official support team or the support is community-based only? I have paid for premium package, but I can’t actually use it. Can someone please look at my bug report seriously?
Thank you.

Hello @makeupland,

Sorry for the issue and thanks for reporting it.

I don’t have a mac at hand, but on my windows 11 desktop and android mobile device, this behavior is not reproduceable in chrome (testing on the latest version of the Canvas template as well as on canvas.airdev.co/login).

When right clicked, the input does offer to suggest a new password. Facebook also does this on their login page.


I’ll flag this to a coworker to see if they can reproduce this behavior on macOS.

Thank you for your response, @chris
I don’t think browsers should suggest new password on login fields, this should be available on register fields. It could be that the email field is not recognized as username/email. I suggest to check the same test you did with your windows chrome on the bubble default header login form, and find the differences with the form attributes.

The expected behavior is that browser would suggest the email address in the login field, and then fill the password automatically, just by entering the login field:

On canvas, I don’t get my registered emails in this filed, but have to enter the address manually:


Thanks for the follow up here, it’s really helpful. I was able to reproduce this. In my testing a Bubble boilerplate app suggested the email for login a couple of times, but then stopped doing that. canvas.airdev.co does not autofill the email in the login flow unless i select the PW input first.

On the boilerplate Bubble app, in most of my tests the login popup didn’t suggest an email when selecting the email input, and suggests entering a password. Looking at the Canvas app again, this is similar to the behavior seen there, where the “suggest strong password” appears after the list of emails.

(On major non-Bubble websites, this “Suggest strong password” prompt doesn’t appear for the login screen.)

On Bubble.io’s login page, the same behavior happens on Chrome and Firefox.

I’ll report a bug to Bubble and follow up in this thread.

Thanks again for the detailed report here!


Quick update here: Bubble support got back and said that this is a known bug without a specific timeline for when it’ll be fixed. Filing a bug report may help them to know that there are more users impacted or interested in a solution.

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