Login / Signup Popup not populating


I am trying to implement the Login / Signup user flow using a popup.

We’re currently using the redirect to /login user flow, which works well, but isn’t fit for our purpose.

We changed the Custom Workflow [go to login] in the Reusable: header element to Show popup_signup/login, instead of Go to page login.

So when the user clicks the Log In button in the header, the signup/login popup displays.

However, the signup/login popup is empty:

The popup seems to be empty because the custom states mode and restrict to… are empty.

So we thought to add a step in the [go to login] Custom Workflow to set the state of mode = login. But (maybe because of the multiple nested reusable elements?) we’re struggling to set that state - neither mode nor restrict to… are options in the dropdown.

So, the question is this: what changes to workflows and/or elements need to be done to move the signup/login process from redirect to popup?


Hello @user42

Perhaps you can try the following:

Oh, I see now!

What you’re saying is that I need to modify the Custom Workflow go to signup to point to the Custom Workflow show signup popup

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Hi @user42 , currently going through the same but can’t get it to work even if I follow these steps. Would you mind screenshotting your setup? I’m trying to switch everything to trigger the popup and not the login page. Thanks!

Here’s how I did it.

The Custom Event ‘go to signup’ sends the user to the Login page by default

But you can change that. See the Custom Event ‘show login popup’ towards the bottom of that screenshot?

All you have to do is change Step 1 of Custom Event ‘go to signup’ to trigger custom event: ‘show login popup.’

@cmarchan a higher quality answer above would have been helpful to me and Juraj

@airdev your header and signup/login reusable elements are very useful, but hard to understand. Can I suggest publishing documentation for them?