Login / Signup Popup not populating


I am trying to implement the Login / Signup user flow using a popup.

We’re currently using the redirect to /login user flow, which works well, but isn’t fit for our purpose.

We changed the Custom Workflow [go to login] in the Reusable: header element to Show popup_signup/login, instead of Go to page login.

So when the user clicks the Log In button in the header, the signup/login popup displays.

However, the signup/login popup is empty:

The popup seems to be empty because the custom states mode and restrict to… are empty.

So we thought to add a step in the [go to login] Custom Workflow to set the state of mode = login. But (maybe because of the multiple nested reusable elements?) we’re struggling to set that state - neither mode nor restrict to… are options in the dropdown.

So, the question is this: what changes to workflows and/or elements need to be done to move the signup/login process from redirect to popup?


Hello @user42

Perhaps you can try the following:

Oh, I see now!

What you’re saying is that I need to modify the Custom Workflow go to signup to point to the Custom Workflow show signup popup

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