Login with social is very slow

Social login works extremely slowly - when clicked, it first redirects back to the login page (which I was told is as it should be) but it freezes like this for several seconds and looks like it’s not working (it shows half-loaded page that also looks broken), then the page that the user should go to after social login actually starts loading - only in a few second - users will definitely think it is broken. What might be the reason for this working so slowly and how to fix it? Thank you!


Have you tried it from another device?

Have you cleared your cache and closed out excessive apps or browser tabs?

Check the API call and contact the social network to see what could be going wrong if all else fails

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Hello! Thank you for the advice, will do that. I tried from my computer and phone and both were very slow but will clear cache and try again.

Try another PC somewhere as well. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Tried on 2 other computers and it was same slow. How can I check the API call? Do you mean in the debugger - if it goes through? But it loads eventually so it does.

Please provide more detail of this problem so that we can suggest possible fixes. :smiley:

Here is the screenshot of what is shown after signing up with google (or any other social media) - google redirects back to login page and it freezes on this page for 10 or more seconds and looks like it’s broken - people think that it doesn’t work.

Other people also have this so this is something not specific to my cache or browser tabs. How can I check the API call? Did you mean in the debugger? When I checked it looked like it was working but maybe I check incorrectly.