Looking for a Side by Side Repeating Group Page or Module

The app page i have has a classic Header-Details type pattern where there is a header record, and the header record can have 1 to many details. Trying to find a page or set of modules where it is a side by side repeating group. Left repeating group is the Header record. Right repeating group is the Detail set, but I can’t seem to find that type of set up. Best I can see is grabbing 2 repeating group blocks and condensing 1, then moving the 2nd repeating group right next to it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hello @jwilles

Canvas aims to help with the ready modules it offers.

The UI that you kindly describe I do not believe exists as a Canvas module.

Try building your UI from scratch. It may prove to take as much effort as re-configuring the ready RGs from Canvas to fit one next to the other.