Looking for "Basic info" in Multistep Progress Bar block

I’m trying to implement a Multistep Progress Bar block, and need to change the Titles for the various steps. Now, I could just hardcode them into the design, but I want to understand how those elements are filled with the current titles, and for the life of me I cannot seem to find the place, where this block pulls the two words “Basic info” from. The data source just says “This Cell’s text”, but there are no hidden variables not are there any Option Sets that include this.

Where - please - do the titles for the multistep progress bar come from?? I’m lost here…

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Hello @jyn

Canvas has several multistep components. I was looking at a couple of them and am not clear where the titles that you kindly mention are.

Could you please share more specifics about the issue? (screenshots and precise name of the component will help (a page? a popup?).

Thanks! :smiley:

No, thank YOU for reaching out and trying to help me along! :smiley:
So, I actually mean the

Standard Multistep Progress Bar

page (also exists as a block), as is showcased here: Standard Multi-Step Process Page

It’s quite nice, and I want to use it, but I don’t want to go the cheap way and just hardcode the (sub-)page titles in there… I want to know where those existing titles come from. My approach would have been to make up an option set, but apparently, there is another way, because I cannot find any such option set or db that has those parameters…
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Hello @jyn

Now that is clear :sweat_smile:

But that’s the thing - they are not hardcoded!! I’m using the new template, and my repeating element looks different, see screenshots. The values are dynamic one’s and refer to (for the text elements) to “Parent Group’s text”. That parents group though is the “Repeating group steps” and that also doesn’t have any of those titles hardcoded into it. I tell you, it’s magic!! :slight_smile:

Hello @jyn

If you want share a link to your editor with your app configured temporarily as everyone can read "settings/general/rights). I can take a quick peek and comment. :smiley:

SOLVED - and it made me laugh… It’s tricky. The Multistep progress bar is built as a RG! And the titles are, therefore, “Current cell’s text”. The Current cell gets its value from the RG, and there the data source has been defined as something initially cryptic :slight_smile: :

"Current date/time is not empty:formatted as text:split by()"

What the heck… ?? That, of course, didn’t make any sense for a newbie like me. But now - thanks to the Inspector - I finally got it. It’s AirDev’s way to keep the number of option sets small, I guess, as they actually hardcode the titles into the formatting of a positive Boolean value…

Why, oh why would they not mention something like this in the page-specific manual?? I guess, now I know where to look in the future, but boy did this eat up learning time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused:

Anyways, I hope this is helpful to someone…

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