Magic link issues

I want to enable users to sign up and login using Bubble’s in built magic link functionality but it seems like Canvas is over riding this when I click the link and deciding the user isn’t logged in.

Has anyone had the same issues or is there a guide on doing magic link log in for this?

Current workflow is:

Users submits a quotation request → We “create account for someone else” and send them a magic link

I have a full screen pop up which appears on the Quotation Details page when a user isn’t logged in which prompts them to enter their email to get a magic link.

However, when I click the magic link it open then pagr and then redirects me to the Canvas Login page. However, the redirect on the magic link isn’t set to that and at no point do I have the Canvas login page in my workflow which makes me think there is some global setting over riding the magic link??

Hello @alastair

It is likely that user roles have not been established yet. One of Canvas’ useful functionalities is the ability to restrict/allow access to an app’s pages. So, it allows the correct users to their allowed pages. And vice versa.

Below a video that should help shed some light on the problem:

Thanks for the reply @cmarchan - I’ve checked and I’ve set the given role to be allowed to view the page and the issue is still persisting.

I did some tests and essentially if I delete the header from this page then is solves the issue in that the magic link does log the user in so there’s some logic in the header but I can’t get the bottom of which/what!

Actually, I think I’ve cracked it - I was missing a “last verified” date on the user.

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