Main navigation is slow to appear

HI folks - my main navigation takes seconds to appear on my pages. Is there a way to speed that up please?

(LOVE your work AirDev / Canvas crew - still finding my way around.)

Hello @graeme welcome to the forum!

Perhaps a little more information might help steer you a bit better :grinning:

Have you added any logic that might be interfering?
Could your internet connection be contributing to slow page loading? … Too many browser tabs opened? … Have you tried loading the page from another device or browser and you are facing the same problem?
How slow is slow? taking many seconds on some pages is a reality some application pages face depending on what is happening. Many times a developer has to aid the user experience by adding spinners or “processing” messages when complex logic is working…

Many variables! :grinning:

Below, a link to the best resource (paid) that I have come across to improve performance in a Bubble app:

Thank you Carlos - just purchased the book via gumroad :slight_smile:

I actually think I’m running into trouble in the area of live and development databases…

Googling furiously :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that book link, i think its going to be gold. would you happen to have any other resources with regards to general you’d recommend that you dont think is too popular/well known?




Below are best practices that apply not only to Canvas but to any Bubble app. A walkthrough of AirDev’s best practices for building in Bubble:

Just delete this conditional if you don’t want the delay

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Sweet ! - I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

Thank you.