Make Canvas App Private (i.e. deactivate sign up)

Hi all!

I´m building a backoffice Bubble app for my company. I´d like to make the app only available to users enrolled by the admin user type. I analyzed the workflows in the login/sign up reusable, but not sure of which workflows/elements to disable/hide to achieve this. Any suggestion?

Hello @user59 welcome to the community!

Canvas has roles to get you going. You can choose to taka advantage of them the way they are … or personalize further roles for your application (or replace the existing ones). The admin role though is configured to access the admin page which is where you manage your application. You may want to keep this one as taking advantage of pre-built functionality may be one of the reason why you chose to use Canvas in the first place … right? :smiley:

Perhaps, becoming more familiar with the user object, user roles and other complementary information may be of interest to you. The following videos could help:

Taking the free self-guided track of the Canvas bootcamp may also be useful:

Guess I´ll have to play with the workflows to deactivate public sign up.

Or … configure header/s to only show the login button.

Below a video on header/s and configuring it/them as needed