Managing duplicate Canvas blocks on the same page


I’m building a client portal using the Portal/Dashboard page template with 3 navigation tabs/sections.

Each tab will need its own “Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table” and “Advanced Form Inputs Group”.

I was initially planning to build each tab out with it’s own new table and form block. And then when I get to the next tab, I’ll then add a new table and form block again via the Canvas’ Chrome extension.

Would this be the recommended approach to building out this portal page?

Will Canvas be adding duplicate reusable elements given that I’ll be adding the same block to the page multiple times?

Or would it be better to make a copy of the first table and form blocks and copy it down the page? Though I can imagine this could be an error prone approach trying to move these blocks up and down the page.


Hello @AndyC !

Either way works! :+1:t2:

Best way that I have found to do things is to set up a test page via the Chrome extension and experiment. What ever you break there should not break the rest of your app.

Should you see duplicate reusables or database objects you can delete the ones that are not needed.

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