Marketing Mobile navbar switches to show the desktop navbar

Everything worked fine for me but then I added 2 pages to my marketing pages.

I proceeded to add them to the nav bar.

On the Canvas setup all looks good but when viewing on mobile the hamburger menu disappears and instead it shows the desktop navbar.

To reproduce:
Go to:
Header/ Footer section
Check the header layout.
Looks good on both desktop and mobile.

Go to:
Bring up the app in chrome or safari on a mobile device.
Hamburger menu shows up and inside it the nav options.
Hamburger menu shows up for a second
Desktop nav options show

Any idea?

Hello @boaz.brudner welcome to the forum

Perhaps you can check how the logic is set by default in a Canvas version similar to yours.

Check what your template’s version is and open it in the following link.:

Check for what could be different and fix accordingly

Hi @cmarchan I am running on version 4.1.5 which is the latest.