Marketing Page Dev to Live


As mentioned in the documentation, the correct way to add and update marketing pages (and navigation links) is to make the changes in the dev site (version-test) And then copy over the relevant entries to the live database via export → upload or export->modify workflow.

However upon uploading the entries in this way the page styling breaks completely…

Could someone explain this process in detail?
Also is there any harm in directly modifying the marketing pages using the admin dashboard on the live site?



Could you describe in more detail how the styling is broken?

Did you move the data via the flow shown in the image below?

Modifying marketing pages in both the live and development databases will make it harder to move data between the two databases in the future. If there is one page which is newer in the live database and one page which is newer in the test database, you won’t be able to use the above flow to push pages from development to live (or vice versa) without losing some data.

It is possible to manually move data about a page between versions by copying all fields in the Bubble data tab to the other version.

This gives me the idea that we could build a backend workflow that allows more granular control over these exports. We’ll consider this and potentially add it to a new version of the template, to alleviate this issue for future users.

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No I did not move it using the flow you mentioned but instead exported the table data to csv then uploaded it back. I was not aware that the copy dev to live database allows to select a table as well and was too scared to try it out! :smiley:

I think the csv route is likely the cause of the problems. I’ll test the reverse out and if that still breaks anything, update you on this thread.

Thanks for the help! Esp the screenshot :smiley: I spent so long trying to figure out if there was a way to do that :yellow_heart:

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