Marketing page header

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m building marketing pages and I saw the headers are fixed width. Is there a way to change this? Can’t find the option for marketing pages… thx :slight_smile:

Hello @johann.ouaki !

Thx found it! It was a bit more tricky, inside a group of group… hehe
Anychance you could help me with another thing i can’t find ? I’m trying to change the destination page when clicking on the logo in the header. Now it goes to marketing page I’m not using and I’d like to choose the bubble page direction …

Hello @johann.ouaki !

This video walks you through all you need to know about the header reusable element including actions:

Very instructive video, unfortunately my question is not solved in the video :-/ He explains everything about the header but changing the logo direction ahah :frowning: