Marketing page translation

Hi all,
Does anyone know how to translate a marketing page in the Canvas base template to other languages (e.g an index page)? I could figure out how to translate a header, widgets, log in and other areas via App text(?) option within Bubble but not sure how to translate default index marketing page sections via App Text functionality. Any suggestions?

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This may help:

Thank you for your response. I am trying to avoid using localize. Is there any option within bubble to translate the text on the index marketing page? Maybe a conditional visibility somewhere within Bubble?

Hello @broker

In order to use App text functionality you could replace the html index page with a conventional Bubble index page.

You can browse the Canvas extension built marketing pages for this. :smiley:

Hello @broker

Perhaps you can use a conventional Bubble marketing page instead of an html one. This way you can use App Text functionality.

Look through the extension for available elements and marketing pages.

Perfect, thank you! Created a new marketing page via the Canvas browser extension and translated all text into a required language and turned the page into an index page.

However, I have got another problem. How do I translate a header button text (Log in and Sign up) inside the Canvas header? The one which can be set through an admin portal. Any idea?

Hello @broker

One idea would be to create an html header for each language and display it conditionally

@cmarchan conditional visibility worked nicely. Thanks for your help.

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