Marketing Pages Load times


I understand that internal pages that require database queries etc will have those elements take a little extra time to reload.

But for marketing pages (live version) I’m seeing that it takes a noticeable time to load (first contentful paint is at 4-5 seconds for each marketing page)

Is there a way to have this speed up since from the point of view of the marketing team this is essentially all static content :expressionless:

I’m not sure of what workarounds I could use to make these seem more responsive etc… Any tips?

Further follow up : I sent through our index page through the google pagespeed insights… and it seems it should be possible to make some improvements… I could tackle all of these if i was building these pages entirely in html + css + js but i need help interpreting how to apply the tips in the bubble/canvas framework like are there default plugins i can safely diable etc :thinking: Anyone has any ideas?

Hi @Green,

Thank you for your message! Unfortunately, this seem to be common in apps built on Bubble. For example, Bubble’s own website, which is built on the Bubble platform, has very similar scores. Additionally, large tech companies like airbnb or amazon also have very similar google page insight scores.

As another test, you could try testing your page on pingdom and using that tool to identify what is slowing down your landing page.

All right… I’ll do some more research around this and update here if some things seem to make any difference :+1: