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Hello, Hope you are well!

So I’ve recently moved my whole bubble app to the Canvas Template, it’s a bloody huge time saver. The reason I decided to move to Canvas was just for UI responsiveness, but now starting to actually learn how Airdev sets things up, it’s a huge help/learning experience with the way you can do things, it’s awesome, I feel like I’ve learnt so much. Its been well worth the time to learn Canvas set up and documentation

Anyway, I decided ill also create the front end with the market pages offered by this template. But when I’ve created a new marketing page, I don’t see that page come up in pages. So I’m assuming the marketing blocks/pages are managed by the template like in backend, not by actual bubble page? (handled by the ‘page’ in bubble, which uses HTML element)

The reason I’m asking this is I was hoping to just create extremely quick overall layouts and content and then after publishing them, do some more specific editing on bubble where I need dynamic data.

Example pricing depending on the picked currency by the user, or adjusted content to suit user language and such.

So I suppose if I want this functionality/dynamic data I just have to create a page from this template via chrome extension?

And lastly, can I ask when comes to marketing pages do you recommend non-dynamic content, for speed?

Sorry if this is basic and common knowledge question.


Hi @haydnhinks :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your message! Glad to provide more info about how marketing pages are setup!

Yes, exactly! Here is more information about how this is structured.

Yes, currently, the marketing page builder is mainly used to create pages that display static content. We are in the process of creating Bubble blocks that you can embed on marketing pages, but this is not yet live. As you said, the current best way to create marketing pages with dynamic content and Bubble elements is with the extension.

Yes, the main benefits of the marketing page builder are:

  • The design can be changed quickly without needing to push changes from dev to live
  • Everything is responsive at all times
  • The page can load faster compared to pages of comparable size with similar designs that are built manually

If the pricing page will contain dynamic content, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the page will be slow; its speed will depend on a few different factors on the page, such as:

  • The number of searches occurring on page load
  • The number of entries in each of those searches
  • The number of elements on the page
  • The size of the images on the page
  • The number of fonts loaded

Using an Option Set is sometimes faster than loading that same information as App Data. The only downside to Option Sets is that Users can’t modify them, and if a change needs to be made to the value of any Option Set, then the app must be pushed from dev to live for the change to be reflected. In contrast, App Data can be modified by Users or manually in the App Data tab at any time without pushing changes to live.

To check for speed, it may be best to build out the minimum required functionality of the page first and then run a few page load speed tests on that page as it compares to a blank Bubble page. Then, make changes as needed. Here is a short guide about how to improve a page’s speed in case it is helpful!

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all! Thanks again, @haydnhinks! :slight_smile:

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Awesome thank you very much @faye for the detailed and quick reply.

Yeah I went over the marketing page section but I just took it as like for quick easy management you can manage the market pages via the ‘canvas admin portal’ but if needed more control like dynamically can also adjust in the bubble, but no worries, no issues at all, I just miss understood.

With regards to adding bubble blocks to marketing pages, do you have an idea how far that would be, as I’m just still developing the dashboard/portal so that will take me a month I guess, so is this something that’s like a month away?

Also, quick other question, as when i go to edit the marketing pages it just keeps redirecting me to Canvas by Airdev home page. Anyway, is there an iframe section/block for marketing pages? If so i can just use that :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing that just popped into my head, I’ve been considering offer clients hosted websites and such for their personal business, and canvas marketing page builder is extremely simple. Is this possible to be opened up to my client base to completely build their own lil sites? (static) (pretty sure what im asking is pushing its initial template intent) (the main issue i think of would-be domain control and also licensing with canvas, which idk how that would work in terms of licensing, but if it’s possible, I’m just happy to pay for whatever licensing thingy you see fit)

Edit: Just adding this on. When i say let my clients use the canvas builder, it would be something where i want to keep them in full control still on my app, its just a free service i was thinking of offering to keep them on board and make it a reason to go with us instead of looking at other competitors.

Again thank you and sorry for the long messages :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @haydnhinks, My pleasure! :slight_smile: (And no reason to be sorry at all! Those are great questions!)

I think that this specific update will be more than a month away. We will definitely post an update when this is live, though!

Sorry about that, @haydnhinks! This sounds like a bug related to when the app was created. Could you please email so that we can take a look at the app? Thank you so much!

Absolutely! This would be possible as long as each client has their own Bubble app and Canvas license. The custom domain would still need to be added through the Bubble editor since it isn’t currently possible to set that up using workflows. The only difference is that the app will need the “Professional” Canvas license:

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Awesome no worries at all

yeah ill submit a support thing soon, I’ve probs just screwed something up when I was looking around to see if I could edit them within the

With regards to the separate websites for clients. I mean all hosted within my current Bubble app and canvas template. Like my clients will be photographers so they aren’t too technical when comes to web development. So my initial plan was i was going to manually create WordPress basic websites for them, but i was thinking if i could have within my client dashboard/portal like a button for them to create their own website, which will redirect them to the canvas page builder and they can create their own separate lot of marketing pages.

From my understanding marketing pages are built on top of one bubble page (default: page) Then would be like
and so on.

So would it be possible if i can create another marketing page foundation just with user id and then they build marketing pages on top of that, for example[user-id]/about[user-id]/home[user-id]/about

So kinda like our own mini-Squarespace setup.
The issue im mainly seeing will be the domain side but ill look into it more.
And secondly ill have to see if its kinda against licensing terms and also Canvas terms. As the client wont have direct access to nor the canvas template just the marketing page builder.

Do you see what I mean? Just thought was a good builder and could be used in larger volume sort of way for clients with lil web experience. ya feel?

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Hi @haydnhinks!

Got it Yes, that makes total sense!

It is possible to expose the marketing page builder to other user types (separate from admin users), but it would be highly custom, and there might be issues that come up.

With that said, it currently is against our Canvas terms and conditions to offer the Canvas app, an app based on it, or components from it as a template to others.

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