Menufocusgroup_template question

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I have a question about one of the reusable elements specifically the menufocusgroup_template. In some of the blocks that use it, it is asking for a data type which I have set at a default data set. But, I have other pages that use the same element and I need to dynamically set the data type and source depending on the page. I have seen somewhere how to dynamically set the data type and source but I am having trouble figuring out a clean way to do this. My ideas are as follows all of which center around setting or sending something:

  1. Set a page-level variable that is picked up by the reusable that will determine the conditional data type and source.
  2. Send the data type when the page is called. This one I think is the messist of the the two.

Any ideas would be grand!

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Hello @raynellbell

The menufocusgroup_template is precisely this … a template :smiley:

It is meant to be copied and pasted. Once pasted, you can change the type of thing it uses. You can change from “dummy” to any data type you want. And change everything else inside to the new data type (this way you can sort out all of the errors that Bubble will display as soon as you change “dummy” for another data type.

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@cmarchan Got it!

so I just need to clone, replace/reuse and update the data type etc. when I add a new block that uses the said template.


Exactly! :+1: