Migration from version to version


you guys are doing a fantastic of making this the defacto template to be used on bubble. It would be super cool to add in canvas a way to upgrade from version to version if you wanted to. My app is not yet fully built, but it would great to at the very least upgrade the admin stuff…

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Hello @raynellbell !

Yeap it would be great! Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to migrate from one version to a newer one.

It is not how things work. Think of Canvas as being a set of functionality that you are adding to Bubble. Bubble, being a visual programming language is receiving a set of resources that play under its “rules”.

So, once you do that … things work as “programmed”.

To change this “programming” that takes on lots of areas and levels of complexity across Bubble, would require an external “engine” that does not exist at this point.

Hope the above makes some sense :sweat_smile:

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