Mobile or destop?


I am preparing the templates an blocks i will use for my project and am i wondering where to start because i am building a webapp which will be mostly use in mobiles.

How do i procede ?:
A/ i build a destop designed with the Canvas template and blocks for destop then the responsive will make it work for mobiles
B/ i build a mobile version using the mobile templates and blocks and then it will work for destop.

Then, nowing that, on bubble, for the size of the page, should i use the :
a) “mobile version” ?
b) “this page is a native app” ?

Thank you for your help

Hello @Newbie welcome to the forum!

The check mark to choose whether a page is a native app is actually somehow misleading. Bubble has not yet changed its platform to provide any different functionality that checking this option would provide.

This is what this option does (Bubble manual)

Building a webapp that will be mostly used in mobiles may need a “mobile first” approach to building. This is a rather intricate concept to explain but it can somehow be summarized as “making all build choices with mobile in mind”.

Most Canvas components are responsive. Building a responsive webapp with a “mobile first” approach is one way. Another way is to build a webapp as if it were a truly mobile app is another.

… Many options when building with Bubble! :sweat_smile:

Below a few resources that may be useful as you embark on your build journey to make your application “mobile first” … if this were to apply in your use case. :smiley:

  1. Very good article on this subject
    Can I Build A Mobile App?

  2. Search the Bubble forum for posts about “mobile first”. This may present much material that may prove to be useful.

  1. In YouTube searching for “bubble mobile” may also yield interesting learning resources:

This topic is rather large and this is why I suggest an exploratory/learning approach in the “fuzzy frontend” stage of your project.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: Ok, now i get for the bubble native app or mobile first approche.
So it will not be a mobile app as i don’t want to be in app stores. I am ok with web app if responsive is fine.

The main question is that i would like to have a mobile first approch and i wan to use the airdev templates. Is it ok ? Do i have to use the Destop template and blocks or the mobile one ? I will use a premium licence.

Thank you in advance for your time :slight_smile:

Hello @Newbie !

Glad to hear!

Yes … you can use Canvas for sure!

There are many apps out there that use Canvas and are “mobile-first”.

Here a link to review all available UI components:

And a link to the Canvas documentation:

Last … you may be interested in the free online bootcamp to learn Bubble and how to leverage Canvas as well:

Canvas has great and responsive UI components.

… and UI components are not the only feature that Canvas enables for most app projects that use it. :smiley:

Best of luck with your project!

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