Multiline input in email templates


I have a multiline input text that I have added to an email template.

Is there is a way to display this text as multiple lines in the email as per the original input format?

Currently, the email just displays the entire multiline input text as a single line without any of the line breaks.


Hello @AndyC

I am not sure if this post in Bubble could help:


In our Canvas Base Template, we use SendGrid or Postmark to send emails. These emails use html - so to force a line break you should use
For example:

Box 1<br>
Product: SKU 1<br>

Thanks @cmarchan. I’ll take a look at that Toolbox plugin feature.

@stephanie - I understand how to add the break element (br) to text within the template. But this is a dynamic text (multiline input) field from Bubble that I’m adding into the email template.