My login process is not working - did I break it?

My login process is not working - did I break it?

My app is live at

I think I may have broken some of the core functionality ?

Thanks for your help support crew.

Hello @graeme !

The link above seems that is set to private.

As for general login logic knowledge on Canvas, perhaps this video could help :grinning:

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I don’t understand where these navigation items are coming from when they have been removed from Canvas own header setup functionality in /admin dashboard ???

Is it possible to edit the main navigation text links from the Canvas /admin dashboard? Or are the navigation items set once they’re created via Canvas /admin dashboard?

Hello @graeme

If your Canvas template is 3.6.0 (released July 19, 2021) or above you can review the following functionality:

This does not mean that one cannot manage or deal with header links via the editor. It just means that Canvas now provides the ability to do this from the Canvas admin page to admin role users (example: which is a default user that comes with every Canvas template)

The issue here was down to the difference between the live and development databases.

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