Need help on resetting the course


My current dashboard shows only Bootcamp 101.

How do I re-set my Bootcamp from the old version (101) to the 2022 version (which has both 101 & 102 bootcamps within it) ?

Can any one please help?

Yes, the easiest way is to create a new Bootcamp account. If you want to use the same email address, you should add +[anything] and it will still go to your regular gmail inbox.

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Thank you Kevin!!!

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for bothering you again.
As per your advise, I made changes to my existing email id & logged-in to the new course successfully - But did not receive any confirmation from AirDev, about it.

I want the “New Bootcamp” to be reflected in my AirDev account & all the mails from AirDev - about the progress of my Bootcamp at my existing email.

Can you please help.

It sounds like there may not have been any emails to receive yet.


Am referring about the confirmation email from Airdev for joining the New Bootcamp.

Anyways, thankx for the help Kevin.
Will look into it later.