Need Help with widget_verify_phone/email

I have been playing around with the template and my app and may have lost something as I a was customizing.

When I create an account (sign up process), my app generate (random string with 6 digits) a verification code (User type thing) which is sent by e-mail (SendGrid) just fine.

However when I type in the code received the widget_verify_phone/email always returns an error wrong code or expired.

I have tried to change the verify_send and verify_check actions to send this code as shown on the screenshots here after:

I can’t figure out why this doesn’t work…and can’t find proper documentation to understand how this check is being handled…

Here is the second screenshot for the verify_check settings

Hello @thomas

As you build logic in an app and run into a bug it get intricate to debug.

One good way since you are dealing with logic that is part of Canvas is to compare it to it’s original state.

To do this you could check your app’s version (on the inferior most part of the vertical sidebar on the admin portal) and inspect the editor (read-only) of its corresponding release accessible through this page:

Another way would to create a new Bubble app with the free Canvas template and look into the default logic there.

Hello @cmarchan

Thanks for your answer. I am trying to figure this out using the release notes and free canvas templates.

However there is one little thing I don’t get with the widget logic and you might be able to help me out : How and when is the code generated (when it’s sent) and where is it stored in the app / widget / custom states. If I can figure this out then I might be able to fix my issue and move on with my app.

Thanks in advance.