Need some help/clarification on repeating groups

I’ve tried adding a repeating group to my app but not sure how to disconnect the data so that all the cells don’t show the exact same thing when I change one. I know in the documentation it says update RepeatingGroup Dummy’s data source. So does that mean if I delete the dynamic option it wipes everything clean?

Also not sure how to change the other two cells so I’m stuck. Here’s what I have:

So the first one is good. I changed it but how do I do the following:

  1. “disconnect” it from the others (I don’t want them auto-updating for my use case)
  2. Access the other two groups so I can change the images and text to different things

Also, for some reason, the heading text is clipped off when I preview on mobile.


I know the point of repeating group is to “repeat”. Is there a group block that isn’t a repeating group. I don’t see one in the library. I could’ve just used that and copied the static blocks.

I guess I just liked how the repeating group structure was already set up.

Hi @lizzyazuya,

Bubble has a great tutorial explaining how repeating group works.

If you want to display static content, you should use a group and just hardcode the content. A repeating group is meant to be used when you have a list of things from the same data object that you want to display. Each repeating group cell would have dynamic content so each entry is different in the list.

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