New project with new design engine

Hey guys,

In the next few weeks I will start building my app.

I have a question regarding the new design engine that is right now still in beta.

Is it possible to use the new design engine in combination to the canvas modules and element’s ?

To me it seems like the wrong decision to start building with the old engine if in a few months I will have to rebuild it again.

I am new to bubble and canvas so please correct me if Iam wrong.

I would like to know how to proceed.

Thanks a lot !


facing the same quandary here. It would be nice to know ETA for the Canvas update to the new responsive engine. If it’s going to be a couple of weeks, it might be worth the wait. A couple of months, may not be.

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Hi @user46 and @rmalt22,

Great question! We are as excited about the new Bubble responsive engine as many of you are. We’re currently waiting on Bubble to implement padding & gap controls for the new engine (small features but important ones to have before we rebuild our asset library). This will likely take them a few more weeks to do. After that, we’re looking at between 1 to 2 months to fully transition the Base Template and Canvas assets to the new responsive engine. Again, this is a rough estimate and is subject to change but just wanted to provide everyone with a timeline.

Hope this helps!


Hi @stephanie

I’m facing a similar problem to the above posters.

Here are some of my questions:

  • If I start using Canvas to build my application with the old-responsiveness engine now, how hard will the new transition be when the new template and plugins come out? Will AirDev provide guidance on how to best do this?
  • What mechanisms will AirDev introduce to help with the transition if an application is already built using the old engine and old Canvas assets?
  • Is it possible/worthwhile to upgrade the current Canvas template and plugins to the new responsiveness engine myself? And if so what do you think are the biggest problems or challenges with this?
  • Is it viable to use a mix the old responsiveness engine and Canvas template with our own custom Bubble pages built on the new responsive engine? If not, why?

For reference I’m just beginning to design my web-application. Just deciding whether to use Canvas or build it from the ground up with the new engine.

Love the Canvas platform by the way! Can’t wait to see everything that comes next!

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Hello @Ctmf112233

  • It will be an all-out conversion effort to transition onto the new responsive engine
  • Mechanisms to transition an existing application onto the new responsive engine have not been defined yet.
  • With intermediate/advanced Bubble skills it is possible to change anything in a Bubble app. Including all Canvas logic which is essentially > programmed-for-you < Bubble logic.
  • It is viable to have Bubble pages use either the current r-engine or the beta r-engine PER page if you do away with the header or footer reusables which run in the current r-engine … and you build the page under the beta r-engine manually.

For further information on what Bubble has stated on their direction with the soon-to-be new responsive engine, perhaps this post by one of the Bubble founders may shed some more light on your decision:


Hey @Ctmf112233,

Carlos’ advice is good - if you have the skills and the time, you can certainly use the current engine and later upgrade. There are still a lot of unknowns here.

Converting an app from the old responsive engine to the new one will be a lot of effort. We haven’t converted an entire app ourselves yet so it’s hard to estimate how long it’ll take, but I anticipate it would take at least a couple of weeks of full time work for the average sized app built on Canvas. Once we release a version of the template it’s possible you’d be able to copy over the core pages and reusable elements to your old app, but that would likely cause a lot of issues that won’t have a cookie-cutter solution.

One approach to take would be building the app now on the old responsive engine, and re-building it when the new responsive engine is fully released. Remember that the new engine is still in beta there still may be serious bugs or feature changes that will impact the way that you might want to build your app on the new engine.