New Responsive Engine


Hope you are all well!

Bubble showed their new responsive editor using flexbox, and i was curious what the plan for canvas current UI elements is with this new system?
Just curious. I just couldn’t find any information from the canvas on this :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello @haydnhinks !

The new responsive engine is in beta currently.

Canvas will undergo an update to include the new functionality. This will be done once all is stable with Bubble for sure! :grinning:

Awesome to hear @cmarchan

Would you happen to know how it would work with older canvas versions? as in not the latest.

Hello @haydnhinks

Please review the following comments from Faye (AirdDev).

In short, Bubble plans to keep the current engine so current apps will not be affected And, we will migrate to Canvas once things are more stable with the new one. :smiley: