Newbie needs help

I’m completely new and would really appreciate it if someone can help me here.

I just used the Canvas template to build an app and am facing issues with the Legal page. As you can see in the attached pictures that the header isn’t completely visible. Most of it is greyed (which also happens to be the page color) and I can’t see the links/text of the pages such as Admin portal, search icon, cart icon and notifications icon. But when I scroll down, those text and icons become visible and the header is white again. I’m not facing this problem with other pages.

Can someone please help me fix this?

The other issue I’m having with the Legal page is that my company logo is further to the left (as compared to the other pages). Don’t know why these issues are happening with the Legal page.

another image attached for the Legal page (in the scrolled down state)

third image attached showing that the company logo on the legal page is further to the left as compared to the Home page (shown in this attached picture).

Hello @pawan.yadav

Not sure if you are using a recent or older version of Canvas. It the header image element is used in your app then you can try to manage the image via “processed with Imgix” and choose resize to fit the dimensions by cropping.

Here an example of how images can be managed with the above operator:


thank you for your help @cmarchan

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