No First/Last Name or Photo after Social Sign Up

Love the canvas template and workflow, appreciate you all putting the tool together.

Am working through setting up social login documentation:

  1. First documentation notes: Signup & Login - Canvas Manual
  2. Additional notes: Integrate some to parent - Canvas Manual

I’ve got Google and Facebook social logins somewhat working at the moment. The username and password appears to be recorded correctly. However, per this screenshot, several variables aren’t being populated. Would be great if the documentation was updated to explain how I could get this setup.

I haven’t attempted to add logic to add the first and last name just yet following the workflow step for the bubble plugins that handle the oauth logic. But I’m assuming that’s what I need to add. The other possibility is that the oauth api isn’t sending this data back after sign up but from what I remember about the boxes I checked in registering my app, I enabled sharing of that data.

Still learning my way about the app and how the variable references are constructed but I’m guessing at this point I need some kind of “API workflow” to add these details?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @williambarberjr,

Thank you for reaching out! Using Facebook and Google’s social media logins basically just allows users to retrieve data from their Facebook and Google profiles. You are correct in that the First, First Last, & Date agreed to terms and privacy fields are not populated - this is because these are your application’s database fields and you need to add a workflow to update the fields after the user is logged into his social media account.

After the social media sign up / log in workflow, I’d add an additional workflow to save the user’s information to your user database:

Once you’ve integrated Google or Facebook with you app, you should see additional options in Bubble when you use ‘Current user’. For example, to save the user’s first last, you would add ‘First Last = Current user’s Facebook’s First name Current user’s Facebook’s Last name’.

Hope that helps!

Sorry for the very delayed reply - getting back to this side project now - this is helpful, thanks for taking the time. Will report back if I have more issues.

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