No scrolling on toggle tabs group (mobile)

Hi everyone :hatched_chick:,

I am using toggle tabs group block.
I did not touch the “RepeatingGroup scrolling (do not change)” neither App setting and the script/metatags.
I added more tab (overflowed) still inside "RepeatingGroup scrolling (do not change) but I do not have the scrolling effect on mobile and it does not expand neither on deskop. It just go back to the line :frowning:

I feel like I messed up with something somewhere but I don’t know where to look.
Any help would be welcomed :slight_smile:

Hello @v.david.uch welcome to the forum!

Below a suggestion:

If the above does not work … and for a simpler solution you could delete the current block and re-import it. And … make sure that you consider the above suggestions :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Sadly I need more than 3 tabs and more space. I also tried to re-import the block and still not functionning :confused:

Hi @v.david.uch

What I usually do identify and sort out issues is to create a new test page and “play around with things”

In this case, perhaps you can create a new page using the Canvas extension and bring-in that component. Take a look at how things work and compare them to the one that has issues.

Perhaps this could help :+1:t2: