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Hi all,
Today I was going through my notes (in Notion) and the videos (on my AirDev dashboard) while also looking at the Canvas forum. I thought why using 3 different sources? Dear team AirDev, what do you think about adding notes, bookmarks, etc. to the dashboard? Additionally, is it possible to include the discussion on the Canvas forum in relation to that video as well?

Nevertheless, thanks again for the bootcamp videos.

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The main source of content is the Bootcamp section of Airdev’s app, and any other resources you choose to use are up to you. If we added a notes section, it might not be as flexible and useful as your own personal Notion setup, for example. We link to the Canvas forum from every lesson and task in the app, but because the Forum is newly being used for the Bootcamp, there isn’t yet a discussion for each task. Feel free to start those conversations when you have questions!