Ok to add fields to Website Data Type?


I feel like it shouldn’t be a problem but still wanna check in case it affects any update paths etc

I’d like to add some extra fields on the website data type like .support email’ etc for use in the workflows instead of hardcoding those in each action. This should make these value available on each page via the url-website in hidden popup.

If this isn’t the recommended way, where would you suggest keeping app wide data like this instead?


Hi @Green :slight_smile: Yes, that is completely fine to add any number of fields to the Website data type, or you can store these values in an Option Set. Adding it to the Website data type would allow you to modify it in dev and live without pushing your app’s changes to live each time. In contrast, Option Set values are all managed within the Bubble editor and are the same in dev and live at all times. Option Set values can load faster and are sometimes easier to read/debug in workflows, but either way totally works!