Overall Editor Speed

Okay, so this a bit different. not directly regarding canvas, but was hoping you could share how currently build big apps with a single page set up.

So when converting my app to canvas, I decided to take the single page app approach, (I think I’m doing it fairly correctly haha), main reason is per “page” load times, and secondly thinking into the future is bubble.io single page apps can be made wrapped (or something) for android and iso app.

Anyway, well with my single-page app, its umm a lot hahaha
For example my group name count is up to “Group SZZZZZZZZZZ” so fair amount of groups, and the overall height of the page by stacking blocks is now at 93039 hahah So my editor is going a lot slower overall and hurting productivity quite a bit. I was wondering how air dev kinda deals with this.

Example I’ve been using the bubble.io param “&issues_off=true” which has helped.
Is it something where at this size just stop with the single page and break it up into multiple pages?
Or like build the blocks and components outside of main page and then import it when ready?
also the responsive UI area, completely unusable now with this size, so guessing the workaround is just to place the block or whatever you need to adjust responsively into another page and then bring it back in?
Just wondering if you guys/gals have a better workaround or workflow, or like more bubble.io params i don’t know about that can help speed up the editor by sacrificing relation detection of something.
ya feel me?

I also checked the documentation but I found mainly details on page load speed, which I’m not too concerned with at the moment just the editor speed.

again huge thanks for any replies

Consider running your Pc as lean as possible (less apps opened or back processes running, less browser tabs as possible, etc). Also consider adding more RAM if viable.

Cheers for the reply @cmarchan

issue is my pc is quite beefy haha. example my cpu usage is never about like 7%, and ram still have 20gb spare. So I don’t believe that is the issue. Ive heard it can just be a limitation of chrome and their memory usage, I heard firefox is better so ill be trying that out soon.