Page Builder bug in apps created between March 1, 2021 and March 5, 2021

Hello all,

For users who created their app between about 6 PM EST on Friday, March 1st and about 12AM EST on March 5th, there is an error with the authentication between the Page Builder and your app.

Sorry about this bug and any issues it has caused you.

This issue is not present in any older or newer apps (created before or after that time period stated above). I introduced the bug to the app while I was making some rushed updates to the template after the Bubble Free plan broke some of the Canvas functionality on Free apps.

Please complete the following steps to fix the app’s authentication:

  1. Go into the “Apps” page of the Canvas portal (link) while logged in as the owner of the app
  2. Open your Bubble editor for this app and go to the Data tab > App Data subtab
  3. Go to the Website object in the database and move the value that is in the field “Private token” to the field “Canvas App ID”
  4. Get the private token of your app from that page (image)
  5. Go to the Website object in the database and paste the token that you copied into the Private token field.

Here is a screen recording of me going through these steps: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. This authentication system is set up to protect your app and prevent malicious actors from making changes to your Page Builder pages. Please treat the Private Token as a password to your app’s marketing pages, which any user could potentially use to make changes to those pages.

If you have any questions, please post here or send an email to



Hi @chris thanks for the quick fix on this issue. Quick question: I’m not seeing a view token menu item selection, only the view app in editor option. Any thoughts on why this is not visible?

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Hello @13cohene,

It looks like the condition to view this token was not working for some apps, so I’ve updated that.

In your specific case, some apps do not have a private token. I’m not sure how that happened so I’ll follow up with you via DM.

Thank you,