Page-builder not loading

Hi - I’m a new user and struggling…my Page Builder won’t load. Had it working last night and editing fine. But today if I try to open Page Builder it loads my page (I can see my branded colour palette) then says “Loading current draft” - it then reverts to the homepage…any ideas?

I did get a popup on something about app data that I didnt understand so clicked anything to get rid of it…could I have reset something somewhere? I can see my page fine on Preview…

Thanks a lot

Hi @adam,

Thank you! I just saw the bug report you submitted and I’ll respond to you there.

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Thanks Stephanie you aced it thanks a lot

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Just thought id add on to this. This is happening to me too, but i just assumed i screwed something up when i was messing with database :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @haydnhinks dunno if same problem but mine was fixed by going through the Bubble Run as set up again…I’d definitely done it as it was working, but somehow it had clicked out. Stephanie helped me see it and now it’s fine again. Good luck! Adam

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