Page length too long and homepage redirects not working

Hi - I am having two issues:

  1. the length of my app page is really long. There’s a lot of unnecessary space under the modules in each tab. I turned off the debugger thinking that would solve it, but that didn’t work.

  2. I’m not using the index page on our app (we have a landing built on Webflow). I have redirects set up on the index page to take people who aren’t signed in to the loginsimple page, but I keep getting this error where the form shows for a split second and then all I can see is the copyright signal.

Here’s a video to demonstrate both issues: Chezie app issues.mp4 - Google Drive.

Here are screenshots of my redirect workflows for item #2:

Any ideas on how to fix these? I looked through the forum but didn’t see any posts about these issues. Thanks!!!

Here’s the other screenshot of the workflows;

Hi @toby,

For #1, I’m suspecting that it is related to groups or elements overlapping on the page which prevents groups from collapsing correctly and causes issues with responsiveness. Please read more information on this post for the best way to troubleshoot.

For #2, could you please submit a bug report here and share your app with Thank you!

Hi @stephanie! Apologies. for the delayed response.

By sharing the app, do you just mean adding as a collaborator?

Hi @toby,

That is correct! Just saw your bug report come in. Will respond to you there :smiley: