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M1 Party: RSVP App
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What’s up AirDev. I’ve been struggling with getting the Dropdown Input = (Will you be attending?) to pass into the Guest List Repeating Group. I’m trying to get the martini icon to show when the user selects YES on the Dropdown Input then saves their RSVP. If the user selects NO, there will be a second icon shown within the Repeating Group List. Please help, I would appreciate any help from my fellow devs. I have provided a screenshot in the thread. Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Steve @ Gozy Mobile Solutions

Hello @Gozy-Mobile-Apps welcome to the forum!

From the screenshots I gather that:

  • The button SAVE RSVP saves a “reservation” that is displayed on the repeating group
  • Within that reservation there is a “yes” or “no” saved for a field called “attending?”
  • You are having trouble showing icon 1 or icon 2 on the last column … “attending”
  • The icon is located right inside the repeating group. No other elements between the icon and the rg exist.

If the above is the case then:

  • On the icon element find the conditions tab and add two expressions
  • Expression 1: if current cell’s attending is “no” show icon 1
  • Expression 2: if current cell’s attending is “yes” show icon 2

The above is an oversimplification of your situation perhaps. It is intended to highlight the need to place conditions on the element that has to change. In this case … the icon located inside the rg.

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Thanks so much for that explanation @cmarchan! @Gozy-Mobile-Apps - I also suggest you join the Discord community by pressing the Get Help button in any lesson. There, we answer questions like this related to the Bootcamp everyday!


What’s up @cmarchan and thanks for the quick reply. Yes those 4 conditions that you listed are correct.
I will try that thanks much. Also, the yes/no field should be of text data type? I think this is where I’m getting stuck.

Steve @ Gozy Mobile Solutions

@kevin will do I’m on my way over to discord as we speak!


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Hey @cmarchan I have setup the fields correctly. Please review my screenshot, it looks like everything should be showing up but there is no change in the icon.
The initial state for the Glass Icon is not visible on pageload. I used your expression to see if it shows up when the user picks YES but I don’t see it on my Repeating Group. I have no idea what I’m missing :confused:

Hello @Gozy-Mobile-Apps

It depends. Think of what that field is expecting.

If it expects a text … send it a text.
If it expects a yes/no … send it a yes/no.

Usually in Bubble as you grow more familiar with how things work. The question what is this expecting? is usually very powerful. Forces you to think through what is going on and find the answer through logical thinking. :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much I finally figured it out once I knew what I was sending through the bubble engine. I really appreciate your help and I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions during my journey! Cheers and happy No-Coding:)


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