Pass page data to reusable element

I am having issues passing page data to a reusable element, particularly the tile and image popup element.

I have a main page with a repeating group with various events, when a user clicks on the particular cell they are redirected to a details with the title and image popup containing various images.

I don’t know how to set the var-gallery list of images to show the current pages images.

Would appreciate the help!

Hello @user57 welcome to the community!

Bubble provides for three ways to pass data to a reusable element:

  • custom states
  • url parameters
  • custom events

Passing a list may be best done via custom states.

I gather that the page’s object (or in “Bubblish” a “data type”) contains a field which is a list of images.

So, on click use the action “set state” to pass the list of things over to a custom state of the same type of the field (namely … a field called “images” that contains a list of images).

The video below can complement the above guidance.

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