Payment error message for newly signed up users

I have an urgent issue with payments on my template. I’ve tried using an existing user account and the payment (with an already saved credit card) always processes but we’ve had two new users get this error

Any idea how to fix? or what the cause is? I’m trying not to lose the sale/transaction so this one is fairly urgent

Stripe plugin is also updated to checkout V3 (not sure if this is why??)


Hello @lizzyazuya !

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble.

It seems that this might be a problem due to the plugin version. Version 3 of the Bubble Stripe plugin connects to different Stripe APIs. Stripe continues to evolve their platform and these type of changes are followed by apps, such as Bubble, that use their service.

My understanding is that the prior version of the Bubble Stripe plugin will continue to work as long as Stripe keeps the API or APIs to which it connects to. So, one quick fix could be to revert the plugin to the prior version and see if that works.

Thanks @cmarchan I did revert it and it still wouldn’t work


How about erasing the prior flow action (when the plugin had the prior version)? And attempting a new one of course.

It is best to try all of this in dev mode and once things work you can go live :grinning:

I’ll try this but need to check with AirDev team first

@faye don’t mean to bother but is there a fix for the above? My app is basically not working if payments don’t work and have had 3 customers/transactions actually turn away cos our bookings aren’t working. I reached out to Bubble via bug report and they said to reach out to AirDev.

I also reverted the Stripe plugin to V2 and it doesn’t work still. Not sure where else to turn at this point

Hello @lizzyazuya !

Dealing with Stripe can become an intricate matter. They have many services and Bubble plugins cover most of them at best but not all.

The error message that you are getting signals that the plugin is attempting to implement an action to an inappropriate API. Please note that Stripe offers several APIs.

The new version of the Bubble plugin added a lot of new functionality especially for marketplaces in this latest update. This was likely also due to Stripe making changes on their side as well.

I see that your application is an exciting marketplace! :grinning:

Perhaps, it could be helpful to address this issue with some expert help on Bubble logic. Along with knowledge on the innerworkings on how to tap into the different Stripe services. In some instances, the Bubble plugin needs to be coupled with direct API calls to enable certain Stripe services.

It is likely that in the future new things may come up on this front (new rules or ways to go about payments, payouts, app fees, subscriptions, etc etc) and having that type of resource may come in handy for your business.

Is there anyone I can get in touch with to resolve this. It’s been a bit frustrating because I can’t really do anything and reverting to a previous version of Stripe hasn’t worked so the app is just in this state where someone can try to book and it won’t work hence instant churn

Hello @lizzyazuya !

Perhaps you can contact to discuss coaching alternatives that AirDev offers.

Thanks @cmarchan I’ll reach out but surely this isn’t a $500 an hour coaching issue.


You are absolutely right!

Please note that you can contact folks that offer Bubble coaching by the hour here:

I’ve reached out to airdev support. I imagine it’ll take a bit to hear back.

Essentially, how do I use Payment Intents API to create a charge instead of the Charge API. Do I replace the Marketplace - Stripe - Charge in step 4 of the original workflow with the Stripe.js payments intent action?

See below (the latest replies to the post)

Hello @lizzyazuya !

I am actually with AirDev supporting folks here in the forum with their Canvas questions.

Saw your support ticket coming in and routed it accordingly as it had to do with a prior AirDev Stripe template. Please note that all my prior suggestions were based on the understanding that you were facing a Bubble Stripe plugin version 2 vs version 3 problem. Also, I checked the discussion about the latest version of the Bubble plugin in the Bubble forum and saw that folks are chiming in trying to help as well :grinning: since you are actually dealing with two Stripe plugins.

The Rental Marketplace Template currently only supports the legacy version of the Stripe checkout. We recommend reverting back and staying on the legacy Stripe checkout version (forum post).

@cmarchan I just noticed your admin badge so thanks for the help.

correct re:post so I reverted back to V2 and it’s not working at all. That was one of the first steps I tried and that error remains. I’ve tried reverting back to V2 multiple times and it’s not working (i.e. charging user), the checkout modal reverts but the action charge never gets processed. So not sure what else to do.

Another point, if I wanted to purchase the latest template, how easy/difficult is it to copy the data from my existing app to the new version (I know you can’t upgrade template versions from the old base template).


Hello @lizzyazuya !

Thanks for your interest in a new Canvas template!

Please note that the only template updated to the new functionality (marketing pages, Chrome extension, page builder) is the free standard Canvas template. The Rental Marketplace or all other non-standard templates have not been updated to the new functionality.

If you wanted to change to the new functionality, you would have to get the free standard template, add a premium license (to gain access to all components) and build the application from the ground up. So, it would be quite an endeavor. The good news is that you can reference your current database structure and built logic. This would facilitate it should you choose to undertake the project. But, it would still require some time to make everything work as you would want it to.

Thanks for the response re:template, noted!

My issue still remains I have reverted to V2 several times and it’s still not working (that exact same error pops up). What am I to do to get my app back and running? this issue has persisted for too long and have already lost customers that found the site organically this week.


It is very unfortunate that the problem continues.

We have laid out a suggestion to revert back to the prior plugin version. As commented earlier, interactions with outside services in this case Stripe could get intricate. Stripe offers different services and perhaps the use of multiple plugins to connect to it may be causing the problem you are facing.

Supportive expert knowledge and time to fix, test and adjust the Bubble logic of your app to tap into their service might be needed since you continue to experience this problem.

As a side note, and in case you may be interested, I have learned about a new service in the works to teach folks about connecting Bubble to APIs. And they are going to focus on Stripe. This is their link should you choose to explore their offering once they are up and running,

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