Picture in header size/shape bug

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I have this issue on my header. When I upload a long picture, it is not resized properly. The result of this can be seen on the following screenshot.

I’ve seen that the Canvas 3.8.3 release came with some kind of fix related to the user picture in the header.

After doing some research, I believe I cannot update my canvas to the newest version. Does anyone know how to specifically fix this picture in header size issue ?

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Hello @marc.dc92

  • Locate this image element

  • Configure it as follows:

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Regarding your answer, I’m not sure if I understood it well. The image is in the html header if i’m correct. I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to select it the way you shown me in your screenshot.

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Hi @marc.dc92,

Based on your Canvas template version, please read our known bug fixes documentation on how to fix the header profile image roundness issue.

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