Pills block not working

Does anyone have experience using the Pills tab block? I’m trying to use it now and Bubble is reporting an issue. I think I might be using the wrong data source for the pills element, but I’ve followed the instructions.

Setup for the pills element:

Set up for the repeating group:

Anyone have any idea why this isn’t working?

Hello @toby

The operator “contains” looks for a single entry. The pills element holds a list.

  • Erase the red search constraint
  • Have your search turn blue
  • Add :filtered to the search expression so that it reads search things :filtered
  • In your :filtered constraints find “advanced filter”
  • In your advanced filter constraints use “this thing list of options set CONTAINS LIST pills element list of options set”

Hope the above makes some sense :sweat_smile:

that made perfect sense and thanks for the quick response @cmarchan. I appreciate it!

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