Populating an invoice popup from a repeating group on click

Hi all! I have watched every video available on the internet for populating dynamic popups (including the bootcamp videos), but somehow I seem to be missing something. I feel like it has to be something super fundamental, but I’m not sure.

I have a repeating group (mobile-friendly data table block) showing type Invoice. When a row from that table is clicked, I want it to show the invoice popup block with the relevant data populated.

This is a quick vid of me going through the table groups: screencast-bubble.io-2022.02.16-15_03_49.webm - Google Drive

This is a quick vid of me going through the popup groups: screencast-bubble.io-2022.02.16-15_06_16.webm - Google Drive
I forgot to show the popup content type and data source in that video—it’s of type “Invoice” with an empty data source.

This is a vid of me showing which element is triggering the popup along with the corresponding workflow: (in first reply)

In this second video of my reply to this thread, you can see me opening the popup. The odd (and most frustrating) part is that the invoice title is populating, but no other fields are.

If someone can push me in the right direction on this I would be forever grateful :slight_smile:

Here is the workflow video: screencast-bubble.io-2022.02.16-15_11_43.webm - Google Drive
Here is the video of me opening the popup: screencast-noblemen-client-center.bubbleapps.io-2022.02.16-15_16_09.webm - Google Drive
Had to add these in a reply since I added too many links in the first one.

Hello @aj1 welcome to the community!

A quick suggestion would be to check for privacy rules on the data types in your database.

@cmarchan thank you for the welcome! Glad to be here and really loving Canvas.

I did check the privacy rules for the data types Invoice and Invoice Item, and both are unrestricted still. Is there maybe a default privacy setting that could cause this within the User or App Settings data types? Those are two of the four I’m seeing with privacy rules applied, but those are all the default settings as I reset the ones I had configured when I was troubleshooting initially.

Hello @aj1

I could not say. There can be lots of ways how logic and UI visibility works in your app.

Try creating a brand new page and recreate your current page step by step until you get to a point where you may pinpoint what is going on.

Keep digging … you will sort it out! :smiley:

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