Portal Side Menu - Tabs or Pages

Hi, just started working on the first page with the Canvas Template which is the portal side menu. The menu is designed to load tabs but i will end up with around 12 tabs.

This seems to me to be too much data to load in tabs, would i be better splitting this in to pages?

Hello @user36 welcome to the community!

Depends on how much data, how heavy this data is and how the dB model is structured.

It is a judgement call.

I would say … make sure that you use extended vertical scroll RGs which slow load your data and go for it.

Hi Carlos,

I’m going to go for separate pages. A couple of my pages/tabs have a lot going on. Similar to Pipedrive’s individual Contact and Deal pages.

Is there a side bar that I can use as a re-usable element across my pages?

I am finding so far, that it seems just as much work to configure the templates/plug ins in to my app as it might take to build. I am also finding things slow to load and I haven’t even connected any data yet.



Hi @user36 Richard,

As you become more familiarized with Canvas you may find things easier. It certainly requires some time to come to grips with, but once you do you may change your mind. :sweat_smile:

Canvas comes with many elements ready for use. Just erase any and all elements that will not be needed. This could help a bit on page loads by doing away with unneeded elements.

The above and other app building best practices may speed up your app.

Below a few handy resources (one is a paid resource) for app building:

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