Postmark - where to add email address? Cannot complete setup

I’ve added my Postmark API keys and am being prompted to add my outgoing email info.

Where do you do this? In the Canvas for Email Plugin I don’t see a place.


Hello! @adam2

Email platforms require that the sender email address be verified. This is done on either Sendgrid or Postmark dashboards depending which one you are using.

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Thank you for the reply @cmarchan !

I am struggling with both SendGrid and Postmark, even though the sender is verified.

I think the reason these aren’t working may be API related. For whatever reason, Canvas is not recognizing that API’s are enabled in my Bubble app (paid). I made a separate post for that question, but I would LOVE any insight.

Hi @cmarchan
So, I’m still hitting a wall when it comes to email verification/setup.

  • I’ve added the API keys and verified.
  • I get the same result with both SendGrid and Postmark (API keys are added, but the “Add your outgoing email info” box remains unchecked).
  • I’ve attached a screenshot of the alert and SendGrid’s page screen showing I’m verified

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @adam2,

Apologies for the bug, please read our Known bug fixes post on how to fix this in your app.

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