Preview redirecting to wrong pages

This is frustrating as hell.

I am in the admin design page. I click preview. THe URL is

It changes to: Application

and I get this:

What’s going wrong?


Hello @user63 !

To access the html marketing page builder a paid Bubble plan is needed for your application. This is because api calls are needed for things to work. This does not have anything to do with Canvas. Bubble introduced a change in their pricing which negatively impacted their api functionality in the free Bubble plan about a year ago.

Is your app under a paid Bubble app?


Thanks for getting back to me.

No I haven’t paid for Bubble.

Doesn’t the Bubble API inform Airdev whether a potential customer is on a paid account? If it does, wouldn’t it be sensible to advise customers to buy premium before continuing?

The redirect to the marketing page occurs on all pages including the admin page. In other words, I can’t join the bootcamp, set up the app etc.

When I installed Canvas yesterday, I had no such problems and was progressing through the checklist. Has anything changed since yesterday?


Hello @user63

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

Please note that Canvas is a complementary framework to Bubble. We do not have access nor the right to know about the payment status of a Bubble application.

The changes to the features offered by Bubble on their free and paid plans are also decisions not in our domain. :disappointed:

I fully understand that it is a complementary framework. I discovered and acquired the Canvas template through Bubble’s marketplace.

However, at no point did Canvas let me know that I required a paid Bubble account. Canvas only stopped working after I had paid for the premium version. This is very poor behaviour and does not bode well for any future relationship, which is a great shame.

Hello @user63

We aim to provide as best information as possible.

Should you require specific assistance we will be happy to provide it through